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How to Encounter 501 Non-Implemented Error on WordPress

501 not implemented error

Any HTTP error starting with “5” indicates a server problem. This means that the 501 error is caused by a problem with your web server. To remove the error, you should typically contact your hosting provider and notify them of the problem on your site. When a server fails to respond to a browser’s request, 501 not implemented error appear. When you visit your website, your browser contacts your web server. If everything goes well, the server returns the requested resources and your website appears in your browser. 

If the server does not respond, you are presented with an HTTP status code, such as 503 services unavailable error, 502 bad gateway error, 501 not implemented error, and so on. It should be noted that the 501 error message appears differently in different browsers. These are some crucial variants you are likely to come across.

Before we dive into the part of the solutions, let’s take a first look at some non-server-related causes for the error:

  • Non-server-related causes 501 error
  • There are two primary non-server-related causes for the 501 error. 

Virus-Infected system

Virus infection on your computer may be causing the 501 error to appear on your site. When a virus infects a computer, it frequently takes over the system’s web browsers. When a virus takes control of your browser, it prevents it from establishing a connection with your web server. In such cases, the virus on your computer, not the hosting server, is the main negative factor.

Spike in the traffic due to promotion or DDoS attack

Overloaded web servers are another common cause of the 501 not implemented error on your website. When there is a sudden increase in traffic, hosting servers become overburdened. This usually occurs when you run a promotion that garners far more attention than you anticipated. If your website is subjected to a DDoS attack, the hosting server may also become overburdened. Hackers target your website and send an army of bots to overwhelm and crash your server.

How to Remove the 501 Not Implemented Error from Your WordPress Website

1.Reload Page

We’re sure you’ve already tried refreshing the page. However, we still recommend waiting a minute or two before reloading the site. Your website should be up and running right now if it was a temporary glitch. If not, move on to the next solution.

2.Try a different browser

Check your site in a different browser, such as Firefox, Safari, Opera Mini, Microsoft Edge, and so on. If you can access the site, the issue is with your browser rather than the web server. The best way to resolve this issue is to clear your cache.

3.Clear browser cache

Browsers will store certain static files locally in their system to improve performance so that when a visitor returns to the site, the browser will not have to download those files again. This entire process is known as browser caching, and it is an effective method of speeding up a website. Although browser caching is widely used, it has a few disadvantages. When the 501 not implemented error is thrown, the browser may end up making a copy of your site.

4.Disable proxy server

If you’re using a proxy server to browse the web, it’s probably affecting how your browser communicates with your web server. You must disable it before checking your website for the 501 error. By opening the program and selecting the disconnect button, you can easily disable a proxy server installed on your computer.

5.Check for DDoS attack

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is a type of hack attack in which a hacker sends a large number of bots to a website in the hopes of overwhelming and crashing its server. If you visit your website during a DDoS attack, you will most likely encounter the 501 not implemented error.

6.Perform a virus scan

A virus on your computer can alter how your browser communicates with your web server. It has the potential to prevent proper communication from causing the 501 error on your WordPress website. To determine whether your computer is virus-infected, perform a full system scan. On Windows, you can perform a full scan with the built-in Windows Defender. A separate antivirus program must be installed on Mac, Chromebook, and Linux.

7.Reach out to your host

If you tried all of the solutions above and nothing worked, it means that the real cause of the 501 error is your web server. As a result, you must immediately contact your hosting provider and inform them of all the steps you have taken to remove the error from your site. The WordPress support team will assist you in quickly getting your website up and running.

Final Thought

Any HTTP error starting with “5” indicates a server problem. This means that the 501 error is caused by a problem with your web server. Hire WordPress experts to remove the error, and notify them of the problem on your site. The 501 not implemented error occurs when the web server lacks the functionality to retrieve or display the information requested by the web browser. To fix the error and gain access to your website, you may need to contact your hosting provider.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1.How do I fix error 501?

  • Try refreshing the page. When encountering a 501 not implemented error, one of the simplest and first things you should try is to simply wait a minute or so and reload the page. (F5 or Ctrl + F5).
  • Clear Your Browser Cache.
  • Disable Proxy Settings.
  • Reach Out To Your Host.

Q2.What are the HTTP status codes for not implemented?

Error 501 is a Not Implemented HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) status code. This server error response code indicates that your web server does not support the required functionality and does not recognize the request method.

Q3.What does 501 not implement?

The 501 Not Implemented server error response code indicates that the server does not support the functionality required to fulfill the request. This status can also send a Retry-After header, informing the requester when to return to see if the functionality is still supported.

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