30 January

5 Common WordPress Myths And Misconceptions Debunked


WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms that powers over 28 percent of the websites on the internet. From simple personal blogs to complex enterprise websites, there is hardly anything that this platform is not capable of handling. It is simple, user-friendly, and has ample features that make it preferable for developers and businesses alike. While there are a lot of positive things to be said about the CMS, some myths and misconceptions are prevalent about it too. They create a wrong impact on businesses considering the platform and planning to engage a professional web development company for their project. Here are some common WordPress Myths and Misconceptions that need to be debunked.

Myth #1: WordPress is Just For Blogs:- From the beginning, WordPress has been seen as a tool for bloggers though it has evolved over time to become a CMS fit for enterprises as well. Tech Crunch, MTV News, Beyonce, and Walt Disney are just a few names on the list of brands that have their online presence powered by this platform. It is revered not only because of its cost-effectiveness but also the fact that it offers extensive flexibility in front-end design in addition to powerful backend features.

Being an open-source CMS, it enables easy download of the software, themes, or plugins and further businesses can tweak the code by availing professional WordPress Customization Services. This makes it a tool much larger and powerful than only one meant for creating single blogging websites.

Myth #2: It is Not Right For E-commerce :- Those looking to sell goods or services through an e-commerce store can opt for WordPress as a platform without any doubts. Contrary to the prevailing misconception, WooCommerce Integration Services as an excellent choice for e-commerce websites. WooCommerce, a specialized WordPress plugin for e-commerce, is the right choice for this purpose. It is feature-rich and easy to use, even without technical knowledge.

WooCommerce is capable of transforming an existing WordPress site into a full-featured e-commerce store with clean and modern interface that is easy to manage. Furthermore, it comes with hundreds of powerful extensions that enable the customization of the store with an array of functionalities.

Myth #3: It Lacks Scalability:- Another myth related to this platform is that it lacks scalability to handle traffic spikes and other changes that a business site may experience with its evolution. This is not the truth as it is absolutely possible to create a scalable website that can handle any volume of traffic, provided that you Hire WordPress Developers with the right skills and expertise.

Primarily, they will need to create a sustainable development environment, along with effective horizontal scaling, query performance, and caching fir the website. A blogging website in WordPress can be scaled design-wise by replacing a built-in theme with a sophisticated design structure.

Myth #4: It is Not Secure:- Opposed to the popular belief, there is no proof that WordPress is any less secure than its counterparts. The fact is that all websites are vulnerable to security breaches and WordPress is no exception. Probably, the number of WordPress sites getting hacked seems large because of the sheer volume they have on the web.

Also, WordPress is an evolving platform that has released numerous security plugins and informative security tutorials over the years. And the CMS continues to grow and mature, there will be plenty more to come. So there need not be much concern related to the security of the platform.

Myth #5: There is No Support For WordPress:- Since WordPress is an open-source platform, there is an impression that it lacks ownership and you will not get support if needed. However, there is an active community of designers, developers, content producers, support representatives and businesses backing it. Also, it has community-based support forums which are intended for sharing information and troubleshooting assistance.

Furthermore, there is a plethora of resources from a large number of professional blogs and companies which are associated with the platform. From information related to HTML To WordPress Conversion, speed optimization, custom plugin development, and more, there is hardly anything that you cannot find online.

Conclusion:- Now that you have plenty of facts cleared out and myths debunked, relying on WordPress as a web development platform becomes easier. Whether it is a blogging site that you have in the pipeline or want to build a business website of enterprise-grade, this is a CMS that you can trust without any doubt because it has everything that is needed to create secure, scalable, and powerful business solutions.

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