WordPress has emerged as one of the most preferred website development platforms today. Its popularity can indeed be adjudged from the fact that it currently powers over 32 percent of the websites on the internet. Well, the figure is humongous in itself and keeps growing with time. The credit goes to the amazing advantages of WordPress that make it stand apart in the web development domain.

Even though the platform has considerably high competition in the CMS market, it bundles up a group of powerful features, in addition to being simple and user-friendly for developers and users alike. Let us help you explore the WordPress features and benefits that give WordPress a well-deserved reputation as one of the top development platforms today.

benefits of using wordpress

Wordpress Benefits That Make It A True Winner

Quick Installation And Upgrade

WordPress has simple and quick processes of installation and upgrade. Simply create your web pages online and upload the database. In case of using the FTP program, simply create a database and upload WordPress, and subsequently install it to continue.

Easy User Management

A website has several roles associated with it. For instance, the administrator to manage the web pages, writers and editors to manage content, users or subscribers to create and manage their profiles. WordPress makes the management quick and easy.

Simplicity Of Operations

The simplicity and ease of operations make the process efficient and the productivity level enhances as a result. With WordPress, you can anytime create a new web page and publish content with quickness, thereby following the standard Internet culture.s

Inbuilt Themes

WordPress has multiple inbuilt themes and allows you to create more according to your personal or business requirements. WordPress API empowers you to create themes that can be very simple as well as render desired complexity in the site’s design.

Inbuilt Comments

You write and publish a blog on your WordPress website. Your friends and followers can put their comments, as WordPress' built-in comments feature provides them with a space or forum for discussion. What more, you can manage or moderate those comments too!

Extensions & Plug-Ins

WordPress is a feature-rich website development platform that meets all the different needs you may have. A plug-in directory full of plug-ins extend its features. Use these plug-ins enhance the features and functionality of your website.


WordPress is an Open-source platform for website development and you can proceed with any type of theme for creating a variety of sites, from a personal blog to a full-fledged business website. Choose any of the existing designs or create a new one.

Media Management

You can add images, videos, and other media items to your WordPress website and enhance the richness of content. Simply drag the media content from your computer and drop it into the uploader to get it uploaded. Use the image editing tools if required.

Cost Effectiveness

Being an open-source, WordPress serves the advantage of being cost effective. While you need not spend a fortune in design and development, the maintenance expense is also relatively cheap. You need not engage a professional for updating the site

SEO Friendliness

An SEO friendly platform to the core, WordPress offers a range of components that you can use to fetch high search rankings for your website. WordPress sites have simple and constant codes, which makes them ideal for Google indexing.


As mobile traffic becomes the mainstay of online success, having a responsive web design is imperative for business websites. WordPress offers out-of-the-box responsiveness, which makes your site capable of running seamlessly on any chosen device.

W3C Compliance

A website needs to be compliant with W3C standards and by choosing WordPress as the development platform, you can be sure about it. With this CMS, you get W3C compliance out-of-the-box so that the site is able to function smoothly in any browser.

Auto Upgrade And Support

With WordPress, you get the advantage of auto update and community supports as well, which means lesser work and more confidence. Automatic updates means your site will excel in security and performance, while community support gets you help when needed.

Easy Social Media Integration

WordPress integrates seamlessly with social networks, thus giving your business an extra advantage. Consequently, there is no need to login to your social accounts separately to let the users know that you have fresh content on your website.

Minimal Coding

The CMS eliminates an extensive need for coding as it comes with a set of user-friendly tools that enable you to do a lot. Manage content, create drafts, revise your posts, insert media, plan the publications, and do much more, all with minimal coding.

Dependable Security

WordPress enables easy update for security as it comes with powerful tools and plugins to do so. Therefore, it is easy to fortify the security of your website and make it hack proof. This means that you can depend on this platform from the security perspective.

E-Commerce Compatibility

With features like flexibility, customizability, SEO-friendliness, and a wide range of themes and plugins, WordPress emerges as an e-commerce-compatible platform. Leverage the best of WordPress features to create an online store that excels in looks and functionalities.

Best Blogging tools

WordPress is recognized as the best blogging tool. This means that by opting for creating your site with this CMS, you get a blog included right within. Furthermore, it offers the best blogging functionalities including tags, categories, plugins, widgets, and more.

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